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How many Surprises can you find! w/in Pinion Pine Driftwood

I was scouting about. Looking for interesting images-shadows-surprises. When out of the blue! "I found something." Its a log' everybody.

But is it only a log? Is the question.

And as I'm writing this down and eating a verily fresh peeled orange. I tastes strongly some dish detergent soap flavor. '' '' ''Oooo=oohH Y-U-C-K!!'' '' ''

I THINK SOMEONE USED A SERINGE TO GET IT INSIDE! ''It's just horrible'' Now I know what a naughty mouth I have been giving away. So I must of deserved that.''

2013 2014 aaron a amyx adam farley a drift upon bad orange boy coffee table cute dining table dish soap white dishwater dishwater dried driftwood girls idea lamp table me open seas photo photograph art photography pinion pine real cute reddauug scene scenery tamarax to bite in trees white sage ave wild life wrong fruit

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