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Gray or Blue, Jaymay

I feel so helpless now, my guitar is not around
and i'm struggling with the xylophone to make these feelins sound
and i'm remembering you singing and bringing you to life
It's raining out the window and today it looks like night

You haven't written to me in a week im wondering why that is
are you too nervous to be lovers-- friendships ruined with just one kiss kiss
I watched you very closely and i saw you look away
your eyes are either gray or blue i'm never close enough to say

But your sweatshirt says it all with the hood over your face
I can't keep staring at your mouth without wondering how it tastes
I'm with another boy (he's asleep, i'm wide awake )
and he tried to win my heart, but it's taken . . . . . time

I know the shape of your hands because i watch it when you talk
and i know the shape of your body cause i watch it when you walk
and i want to know it all but i'm giving you the lead . . . . .. . .. .
So go on, go on and take it, don't fake it, shake it

(charmin//crazy eyes have you are they gray or blue/i wont make the move/you must make the move/if you make the move/i will then approve/if you do not move/we will surely lose)

Don't second guess your feelings you were right form the start
and i notice she's your lover, but she's nowhere near your heart
This city is for strangers, like the sky is for the stars
But i think it's very dangerous if we do not take what's ours

And i'm winning you with words because i have no other way
I want to look into your face without your eyes turning away
Last night i watched you sing because a person has to try
And i walked home in the rain because a person can not lie.


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On August 03 2009 3 Views

Avatar ava226535

Ava226535 On 10/02/2011

__ $$$$____________$$$$$$$$$__$$$$$$$_____


pennyandpatsy, que bien que luces en el video

el video esta en mi fotolog asi que pasate y lo ves, adios, besos!

Avatar bethany283883

Bethany283883 On 14/01/2011

pennyandpatsy, que divertido como te ves en el video, eres tu no?

el video esta en mi flog asi que pasate y lo ves, adios, besos!

Avatar ava226535

Ava226535 On 12/01/2011

pennyandpatsy, que divertido que saliste en este video

el video te lo deje en mi flog para que lo veas, adios y besos!

Avatar hollie322335

Hollie322335 On 11/01/2011

pennyandpatsy, que bien que saliste en el video

te deje en mi fotolog el video para que lo veas, cuidate mucho, besos!

Avatar scarlett934027

Scarlett934027 On 30/06/2010

pennyandpatsy, me gusto como apareciste en este youtube o eres tu o se parece mucho!


cuidate mucho


Avatar demi903128

Demi903128 On 13/05/2010

pennyandpatsy, que extra?o como apareces en este video


cuidate mucho


Avatar ginette656347

Ginette656347 On 10/03/2010

hey pennyandpatsy, eres tu en el video?


hmm parece que si

Avatar lauraolondris

Lauraolondris On 07/08/2009

mi!!de Pedro sabemos ke ayer se echó una siesta y nos dio un susto...en fin, nada a esperar a que salga, no te preocupes que te aviso!
un beso!!

Avatar p_u_z_z_l_e

P_u_z_z_l_e On 04/08/2009

Con tanto viajecito por dentro de los States no me extraña!
See you soon?

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