Avatar pasefumanchero12

esa de cuando ivamos pal gabacho por el cerro del tachurinisay

On September 02 2011 32 Views

Avatar princessjohnsonu

Princessjohnsonu On 13/04/2016

My name is Princess,
i am good a looking and admiring girl,
i am looking for love
and friendship irrespective of color,distance,religion and race.Contact me at
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Avatar ex_rawwrxboy

Ex_rawwrxboy On 02/09/2011

un saludo weeeeeey :$


Avatar maatylogcerrao88

Maatylogcerrao88 On 02/09/2011

me agregas a ffs? :$ avisa y te agrego =)

Avatar pasefumanchero12

Pasefumanchero12 On 02/09/2011

cualquier cosa siganos por twirer facebook gogle metroflog latinchat o nextel cel msn igual visiten las web estamos en contacto .........

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