Avatar iloveshowluo

Iloveshowluo On 01/01/2013

Miamor:$ Me agregas a ffs Lale:$ ^^
Avisa qe agrego :A Cuidattee?

Avatar rosinababy2009

Rosinababy2009 On 21/12/2012

Hi Dear,

How are you today
Um, i am miss ROSINA by name, i wish
to have you as my friend so shall we be good friends ? I want us to base
on mutual friendship because A 'Hello' today can mean a friendship tomorrow. Friendship is a word, the very sight of which in print makes the heart warm. A stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet; we got to take time to be friendly because it's the road to happiness so reach me at ( [email protected]) i will send you my photo thanks.
My best regards,

Avatar eduardo_15_dbz

Eduardo_15_dbz On 19/12/2012

listo agregada

Avatar el_mathiasz

El_mathiasz On 23/07/2012


Avatar elfalopacumbia

Elfalopacumbia On 25/06/2012

Un Ree Besooo :)

Avatar eduardo_15_dbz

Eduardo_15_dbz On 28/04/2012

listo agregada

Avatar alexdandolocura

Alexdandolocura On 21/10/2011

en efeeeeeeeees

Avatar chikito_xd

Chikito_xd On 19/10/2011

Ola jeje Saludos ase rato que no abro el fotolog y estuve revbisando y encontre un posteo tuio espero que esti bn bueno te dejo mi face por si quieres seguir en conctacto cn migo


Avatar xx_camilah_xx

Xx_camilah_xx On 19/10/2011

Saludos que estes bien! c:

Avatar yhop_ely

Yhop_ely On 09/10/2011

αкιi me ραѕσσ^^.
∂єנαи∂σ мιi.fιiямιiтα
тнє.ѕρєяσ єи мι flog
.кυιi∂at3 вєѕσѕ ☻
¢σи єѕтα fιιямιιιтα ѕσу уσ..!!
иσ ¢σριιαяѕєєє

Avatar xika_sonjita

Xika_sonjita On 08/10/2011


Avatar juanita_x3

Juanita_x3 On 05/10/2011

Post ;)

Avatar rxsiocxliaowon_x

Rxsiocxliaowon_x On 04/10/2011

Cxidaté ;D

Avatar flopii_kolynos

Flopii_kolynos On 27/09/2011

Unn Besiito♥♥

Avatar xchiqkoraazx_xd

Xchiqkoraazx_xd On 27/09/2011

atshh ,, Oli ;$! ,, :B agregas a favorittó porfa ? ,, AGREGAS & AGREGO ;$ adios cdtté un BESOTEEEEEE! (K))'

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