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I'm exhibiting over 50 of my LOMO LC-A images as part of an upcoming show with over a dozen other photographers all using plastic low tech cameras.
If your in Melbourne on the 15th July drop in to the opening night and say G'day.

On June 30 2006 23 Views

Avatar phaedrus

Phaedrus On 23/03/2007

How did the show go?I've been experimenting with a homemade LC-A lens adapter for my 20D... Not quite ready for prime-time, but good results so far... :)

Avatar danaecita_linda

Danaecita_linda On 18/10/2006

my sister lives in melbourne,,,i have to call her,,,but i don't know the time diference,,,hahahaha,,no kidding,,so lazy.good flog

Avatar niceandsoft

Niceandsoft On 02/08/2006

wow...that's great...i would love to be there!see you!bye¬¬(from chile)

Avatar oz_lomo

Oz_lomo On 17/07/2006

It was a top night. Heaps of punters rocked up. Head feels shocking.

Avatar 76kombi

76kombi On 16/07/2006

how was the opening?how's yr head?

Avatar oz_lomo

Oz_lomo On 14/07/2006


Avatar 76kombi

76kombi On 12/07/2006

hey dude, can't make it on Saturday, but will be there on Sunday arvo. Have a great opening :)

Avatar maguita_a

Maguita_a On 30/06/2006


Avatar 76kombi

76kombi On 30/06/2006

c u there

Avatar fernandow_jr

Fernandow_jr On 30/06/2006



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