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Get out of jail fast in Fullerton California. If you need a bail bond in Fullerton call us immediately. If you need to get someone out of jail right now, call day or night 24 hours a day 714 512 2245. Our Fullerton bail bonds Service makes bail simple. Whether you or a loved one gets arrested and place in the Fullerton jail you should call us first. Every day of the year we are accessible all day and all night. Fullerton bail bonds has the expertise to help with your statementprocessed efficiently and promptly. We're quick, friendly, local and private. It is important to call us right away to prevent anyone who is detained from being transferred to the main Orange County jail in Santa Ana California. As soon as someone is locked up in the Fullerton jail it is soon to be likely to transfer them to the orange county jail in Santa Ana. We could prevent that transfer if we now haveadequate notice. Once one is removed from lockup in Fullerton jail and placed on the county prisoner bus, Then there is absolutely no way to bail them out of the Fullerton jail. You must wait until they are processed in the main Santa Anna Jail. Processing a person into the Fullerton jail typically takes about an hour or so and then an individual can be released in 15 to 20 minutes.

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