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There was a time, when I was so brokenhearted,love wasn't much of a friend of mine the tables have turned, yeah. 'Cause me and them ways have parted, that kind of love was the killin' kind, so listen: All I want is someone I can't resist I know all I need to know by the way that I got kissed. I was cryin' when I met you now I'm tryin to forget you. your love is sweet misery I was cryin' just to get you.. Now I'm dyin' 'cause I let you Do what you do-down on me, yeah. Now there's not even breathin' room between pleasure and pain, yeah you cry when we're makin' love, must be one and the same It's down on me. Yeah, I got to tell you one thing It's been on my mind Girl I gotta say We're partners in crime
you got that certain something what you give to me. Takes my breath away now the word out on the street. Is the devil's in your kiss, If our love goes up in flames, It's a fire I can't resist.
I was cryin' when I met you, now I'm tryin to forget you. Your love is sweet misery. I was cryin' just to get you, now I'm dyin' 'cause I let you, do what you do to me, yeah!!! ?


On November 18 2008 1 Views

Avatar ondaflapper

Ondaflapper On 05/12/2008

y cierro yo
porq esta viejo mi flogggggggggggg
asiq vere cuando me agarran nuevas gans de postear

Avatar losprimosmg

Losprimosmg On 02/12/2008

holis me paso...

muy linda vista... jajaja..

te dejo mis besos...

mucha suerte en la life..


Avatar ondaflapper

Ondaflapper On 02/12/2008

priiiiiiiiiiimo (:
nos vemos gordi el sabado
esta viejo el flogggggggggggg
capaz qe algun dia vuelvo a postear
capaz.. talvez

Avatar maurobmx

Maurobmx On 30/11/2008

primita vos tmb estas grande:$ jaja
hace miles que no nos vemos la verdad
tengo ganas de que se junte la flia=)
esperemos que se pongan las pilas
un besito estas gigante, espero ques eas
= cara a cara que por msn, xq sino te mato
besooo chaus =)
[email protected]***

Avatar ondaflapper

Ondaflapper On 21/11/2008

soy re buenaaaaaa onda

Avatar belleza_paliida

Belleza_paliida On 20/11/2008

te amoooooo
quiero verrrte ya!
estas parando en tu kasa no¿?
asi te llamo y arreglamos mi amor (:
i love you (LLL)

Avatar eleonora1500

Eleonora1500 On 19/11/2008

me encanta es re linda la foto!
bueno nose no te conosco casi espero qe seas buenaonda !!

Avatar santy11unidos

Santy11unidos On 19/11/2008

te amooo mi amor

te extraño mucho

te quiero ver

sos mucho

santy vega

Avatar ondaflapper

Ondaflapper On 19/11/2008

yo mas jimenita de mi corazum

Avatar temiromemiras

Temiromemiras On 18/11/2008

te amooo perraa (L

Avatar emi_lp_kpo

Emi_lp_kpo On 18/11/2008

holas agus bueno pase muy linda la foto con el paisaje jaa bueno espero q nos veamos algun dia besos

Avatar ondaflapper

Ondaflapper On 18/11/2008

los voy a ir a buscar algun dia:)

Avatar tekken_j

Tekken_j On 18/11/2008

noo mira lo que es ese paisaje :O hoy me entere que ya estas en mardel jaja re bien ya quiero que pases por el cole !!!!!!!!!! cuidate agusss un beso ;)

Avatar ondaflapper

Ondaflapper On 18/11/2008

eso es andorra, como q eno puse
bueno lo pongo ahora
qe ese ligar es el mas alto de andorra y tiene una vista qe se ve toda la ciudad:)
ahi lo tienen

Avatar somekingofmoster

Somekingofmoster On 18/11/2008

[B]que carajo es eso


besosssssssssss [/B]

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