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Still arround here?

Is there someone posting arround here? :)

On August 31 2013 at Barcelona, Cataluña, Spain 72 Views

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Precious2013 On 17/09/2013

Hola, Mi nombre es preciosa me encuentro con tu perfil hoy y se convirtió interesado en saber algo más, aquí está mi correo electrónico ([email protected]) estoy a la espera de su correo a mi dirección de correo electrónico para obtener más detalles.

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Zwergmueller On 31/08/2013

Yes i will spend a Comment.
Nice Pic's from the Gigs :)

May you can help us, we need for a Tallent Contest Positive Youtube Clix


A German Songwriter with Fusion of different Sounds.
The Song for the Contest is Radio banned, so we have no promotion otherwise.
Now we have to look for another Way to win the Contest. :)


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