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there will be no sense of continuity to the uploads that i will be making this month. i'm packing up things and getting ready for a new start in the year that's just around the corner. i'm sorting through old images and might be finding things that got lost in the shuffle of the last five years of often frenetic work and output.

this one is from 2003. i don't think i every posted on any of the sites i've been on in these years since getting into the digital thing. i picked up that first digital camera and immediately saw reflections everywhere and got seduced by pattern and by color in an urban way.

i miss that first camera, a sony f707. it died two deaths and then i stored it in a box til a couple of weeks ago before kissing it goodbye for the last time.

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On December 01 2008 21 Views

Avatar spy_glass

Spy_glass On 29/01/2009

yeah this one is amazing

Avatar verobeth

Verobeth On 03/12/2008

tss... pick is verygood

Avatar emmy

Emmy On 03/12/2008

The camera left a lot of masterpieces. :))

Avatar emmy

Emmy On 03/12/2008

Hi! Lester! :)

Avatar light_and_colour

Light_and_colour On 02/12/2008

Very good shot!

Avatar triunfodapintura

Triunfodapintura On 02/12/2008


Avatar c30_13

C30_13 On 01/12/2008

hey :D


Avatar maximorgana

Maximorgana On 01/12/2008

love it...........................

Avatar myte_duraizno

Myte_duraizno On 01/12/2008

I like it!!

very nice :D

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