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i want to hit you, but then i kiss you

i cant do anything without you. i cant do anything with you. you drive me crazy but i love you. you drive lazy but i love you.. i want to hit you but then i kiss you. want to kill you but then id miss you.. im always waiting by the phone, i cant wait for you to get home! im always crazy when i miss you.. im always lazy when i miss you.. maybe im just crazy.. maybe im just crazy.. crazy for you babe.. the sun was shining and so was i, cause i was with you.. ill take you anywhere, ill take you anyway! praça, sol, cachorros e planos, carro e filme, risos sem fim, pizza, guitarra e colinho.. IM ALWAYS CRAZY WHEN I MISS YOU. im going to bed, bad ;(((

On August 26 2010 10 Views

Tag - Fairy-tail
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