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"Bella" - Leather Sectional

This beautiful sectional is made from 1.8 millimeter thick heavy stock leather; which makes it one of the most comfortable and lavishly beautiful sectionals on the market. The tufting indentation on the Bellaís leather is one of many design touches that make this sectional stand out as one of the most beautiful sectionals on the market today. You can just sink into the Bella and relax all your cares away as your living room becomes your safe haven and your sanctuary away from the worries of your daily hustle and bustle. The Bella also features expandable headrests that allow each person sitting to have the individual seating experience they want. The headrests feature Light Touch Fluid mechanisms which allow you to adjust the position of the headrests from any position without any ìClicking-Inî which generally limits your ability to pick the exact right angle that your neck requires.

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