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Searching for answers that aren't there.

Paralyzed. Stuck. Frozen. Unable to take a step in any direction.

We live thinking not knowing the future makes our lives more difficult, but the truth is not knowing it makes our lives much easier. All the choices we make, even the smallest ones we don't even pay attention to, end up bringing us to where we are everyday and they could determine wich way our lives will take. These moments, these decisions, they could happen in a matter of seconds and change our lives for ever. Moments of impact. We can't know when they'll come or what effect they'll have in our lives. We're just left there to see them come and see where they will take us. In a way, it makes us feel we don't have any power on our future, but it's also fascinating watching it all happen, watching the universe work. And thinking about all those alternate choices and lives we could've had.

And how am I suposed to know how to play the cards that I've been dealt?
Too afraid, too young, too insignificant, too much.
Waiting to see the light, been waiting for it all my life.
Show me a way.

On September 01 2012 at Malawi 13 Views

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