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Ani Yasa

Suddenly I brought my hand near my mouth and I felt the smell of the hand-washing soap. For some reason that I can't explain it reminded me of a memory that I dont particularly like. It reminded me of that afternoon at Shorty's house, I had ran away from home, and Ariel left me there because it was too dangerous to stay at his own house. We talked about her, her boyfriend, she said she was pregnant. I never knew what happened to her. If she was really pregnant or not. I remember that we discovered her cousin was the guy talking to me, what a coincidence. I had met him at a train station about a week before. She called him to pick me up. That afternoon, before we left to his house, the three of us sitting outside the sun in our faces it was hot, maybe it was almost summer. Gosh that guy liked me like I was the last girl on Earth. He did everything for me, and I never liked him back, I don't even remember his name. Those days were bad, I felt I had no home. I guess that feeling is still familiar. Will it ever end?

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