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Pastelito de cocooooooo

I swear I have more recent better photos than this. But they are all in my phone, and Im just too lazy to upload it.
Bro, if a few months ago not having fotolog at work was killing me, not having a job is killing me now. Also, this constant doubt as if he really likes me or he is just faking it all. Suddenly he has agreed to move to Miami in the fall. But what guarantees do I have? Maybe in the fall everything he needs from me is done and then he won't move at all. Oh well, I should concentrate on myself only. Which is why I'm so devoted to the job opportunity at TFA. If it works out, whatever city they send me to, that is where my future awaits. If that doesn't work, Plan B is to keep trying to find a job here until May. Plan C is to go back to Miami and start pharmacy school. Hey, the alphabet got 23 letters. We got all plans covered. I guess.

On February 25 2015 at Florida, United States 64 Views

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