Avatar rosemary1112

Rosemary1112 On 25/01/2014

Hello nice to meet you,
How are you today? i hope you are very fine i wish to be your friend
as i really liked your profile here on the site! please kindly contact
me through my email id ([email protected]) so i will be able
to send you my photos and tell you more about myself ok?

Avatar hkris

Hkris On 04/01/2014

lindas flores

Avatar joaki007

Joaki007 Goldcam On 31/12/2013

**Muy Feliz 2014.-¡¡

Avatar joaki007

Joaki007 Goldcam On 27/12/2013

** Felices Fiestas.

Feliz 2014-

Avatar abuelo_rebelde

Abuelo_rebelde On 25/11/2013

Precioso ramo

Avatar joaki007

Joaki007 Goldcam On 11/11/2013


Avatar natur_1

Natur_1 On 10/11/2013

Buenas noches, unas flores muy bellas

Avatar mebarak

Mebarak On 02/11/2013

Holaaa, ¿harás reaparición algún día? En cualquier caso, saludos y espero que vaya todo bien.

Avatar meliokiss

Meliokiss On 31/10/2013

sigues publicando esas fotos tan buenas :).

Avatar joaki007

Joaki007 Goldcam On 10/10/2013


Avatar tomibraum

Tomibraum On 05/10/2013


Avatar joaki007

Joaki007 Goldcam On 26/08/2013



Avatar pam_pam2001

Pam_pam2001 On 10/08/2013

qué elegancia....

besos guapa!!!

Avatar joaki007

Joaki007 Goldcam On 27/05/2013

Ay ay ay ...

Avatar sonia_italia

Sonia_italia On 19/05/2013

Vamos Angeles trae esas fantásticas fotos de las flores de tus cactus!!!

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