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NEWNOW G06 12000mAh Auto Start External Battery


Product Features:

-LED Flash Light
-4 Led indicator the battery volume
-Jumper Cables Socket (Designed for Vehicles, Trucks, Boats, Jet Skis with 12 Volt Battery)
-19 Volt 3.5A Output (Designed for Laptops - Includes 19V Cable/Adapters)
-Charge Indicator
-Power On/Off Switch
-5 Volt 2A USB Output (Designed for Smart Phones, Ipods, Tablets, GPS Units, Cameras, etc.)
-USB Cable includes most popular/common USB Adapter
-12 Volt 10A Output (Designed for 12V Accessories Such as Coolers)
-12 Volt 1A Input (Used for Wall Outlet Charger and Vehicle Outlet Charge)

auto start external

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