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Sorry dear, but u are wrong.

Sometimes happen, sometimes u are wrong, very often really, eventhoug u think u are not.
You've already showed me all i've gotta see form u, what kind of person u are, what kind of friend u are not. Excuse me but it's so sad.. and u are so wrong.. so wrong. It's so easy for u to think everybody is wrong except u...but sorry dear, world won't hold on for u, world continues on its on way, and if u stop, it's your OWN problm.

i must say all, i must THANKYOU for givin meh the most beautiful thing i've got in this world, seriously, thanks!my happyness depends on him, he is EVERYTHING to meh... thankyou dear. I really hope you are ok, and everything continues ok for you, u are a good person, but u are so wrong about me.

i really dunno if u'll ever read this, and i really don't mind, surely i do and that's why i'm writting it (pure relief u know..) Take care.

On April 15 2008 2 Views

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