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An Order Of Intelligence

The Talmud cites the verse "The stability of your time and the strength of salvation is wisdom and knowledge",[1] interpreting it as referring to the Shisha Sidrei Mishna, six Orders of the Mishna. Each concept in the verse reflects one Order of the Mishna. "Chochmah" - "wisdom" represents Kodshim, the Order which discusses the laws pertaining to the Korbanos, offerings.[2] In his commentary on the Talmud, Rashi explains the connection between each concept in the verse and its corresponding Order.[3] However, he fails to give an explanation for the relationship between wisdom and the offerings.

In Mishlei, Shlomo Hamelech teaches that if a person rebukes a "chacham" - wise man, the chacham will come to love him.[4] Why does the wise man appreciate criticism? Chachmah, wisdom is the tool which a person employs in order to understand his responsibilities in this world. Therefore, if a chacham's ways are corrected, he appreciates the criticism, for it allows him to have a greater understanding of his responsibilities.

There are three classifications of a person's state of awareness during the violation of a transgression: "meizid" - a deliberate transgression, "shogeig" - an inadvertent transgression, and "o'ness" - a transgression which is beyond a person's control to prevent. Each level of awareness carries its own responsibilities.

An offering is required only for an inadvertent act. Therefore, the responsibility to bring an offering falls solely upon the perpetrator of the transgression, for he alone knows what his state of awareness was at the time of the transgression. Furthermore, unlike other Torah liabilities, witnesses are not required to create responsibility. Consequently, the entire Korban process is dependent upon the level of responsibility which the individual has for himself. To the extent that he is a chacham, i.e. has a sense of responsibility for himself, the offerings will be meaningful. For this reason, the entire Order of Kodshim is defined by the quality within a person required to facilitate the effectiveness of the laws within the Order.

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