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Keep Cool - Major Lazer

Late night, wake up
I’m sick, I’m stuck
You’re here, so near
Your dream – my fear
Your love, my loss
Your dime – my cost
My fate, your hands
My life, your brand

Living my life in spite like you
This is the best that I can do
Nothing left for me to prove
I give it all to you

Nothing’s what we made it
And we’re living like we hate it
I have given all I can
But I can’t anymore
Freedom, I can taste it
And the truth, I need to face it
I’ve always been dedicated
But I can’t anymore

Oh you know I love this kind of place yea
And no matter what you’re still my lady
I know you’re fienin up here weekly lately
Ah boy you’ll find a stretch, you’ll never leave me

When you woke me up and you give me the sweetest wind up
Take someone to loving, if you be young to time uh
Yea, I figured why I was so blind now
Even though your hurt was under surface and me ignored your signs girl

Limbered and teared up, can’t leave me like this
Just give me a chance for me to right this
Girl I know you live my love despite this
Cannot let you go, I got to fight for this

It’s not right ‘cause you’re saying this
I wasn’t born to serve you
I was born to love

Your house, your rules
Keep calm, keep cool
Tip toe, steer clear
Your mask, I wear
Your wants, my needs
Loaded, good deeds
Your frown, my smile
You’re up, I’m down

Nothing’s what we made it
And we’re living like we hate it
I have given all I can
But I can’t anymore



On May 02 2015 at Valenciana, Spain 50 Views

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