Avatar unamiradavizcaa

Unamiradavizcaa On 01/09/2009


Si paasaas F/F!

VIVA naaruto!

Avatar unamiradavizcaa

Unamiradavizcaa On 29/08/2009

[B]Si pasas 1 vez devuelvo si pasas 2 devuelvo 3 i F/F[/B]

Avatar lycans__fx

Lycans__fx On 21/08/2009

Te gusta Naruto?
Queres tener los ojos de tu personaje favorito?
Entonces entrá acá y fijate!
Tenemos en promoción los lentes

[email protected]



[email protected]


Avatar naruto_j5

Naruto_j5 On 07/08/2009


chidas fotos


Avatar yordana_19

Yordana_19 On 03/06/2009

hola linda pik pasa por mi log y te agrego a f/f y podemos compartir informacion e imagenes de naruto bueno me despido sayoo

Avatar caamaraleenta

Caamaraleenta On 17/05/2008

Este weon poco romantico, no le escribes nada a la cata asi amorosooo asii no se puede po andrés xd
y que es toda esta wea, no cacho ni una shit de los monos chinos xd!
ya nos vemos en la nocheeeee
iwal te agrego
chao epskao xd

Avatar kealynkorf

Kealynkorf On 17/05/2008

Heeey my friend!

How are you?? I hope fine of course!
And what a great picture! I've never seen this one before. Is it a wallpaper?? Can you email it too me?? I really hope so! My email is: [email protected] I would love to have it!

And yeah I was very ill. I'm taking medications. And I went ill and got some new medications. And those two medications don't get along. The doctors mixed up and the medications poisoned my system. I even went to the intensive care. But now I'm almost all better now.
So don't worry!

And I don't know if I asked you this before. But what's your name, and what's your age??
Ehm... Somewhere in the back of my mind I know I asked this before, but I forgot it. Sorry!
Haha, I'm gonna blame the meds, so that I personally don't look stupid!

Well talk to you soon!



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