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Greetings from Brazil!!! On 15/03/2006

HelloMy name is Hugo Rodrigues, and I am sending post to request your participation in a research project, which is part of the data collection for my graduate degree in Social Psychology at University of Brasília - Brazil.One of the objectives of this research is to identify how people decide on a particular way to spend his or hers next vacation, that is, Adventure Tourism. Thus, I am asking for your collaboration in order to answer a brief online questionnaire addressing this matter. You do not need to have experienced or even to like Extreme Sports in order to understand or answer this questionnaire. Yet, you participation is extremely important! Please click on the link below to access the questionnaire. You will find that the questionnaire is quite easy to be answered, is not necessary identify your self, and that the time needed to respond to all questions is no longer than 5 minutes.This is not a Spam. This is a real research! And it is part of the requirements to achieve my graduate degree in psychology at University of Brasilia - BrazilThanks a lot for your collaboration<A HREF="" TARGET=_top></A>Sincerely,Hugo RodriguesSocial Psychologist - Principal ResearcherUniversity of Brasília - UnBBrasília, DF - Brazil


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