Avatar queen45

Queen45 On 13/12/2013

hi my dear,
how are you today? i hope you are very fine i wish to be your friend as i really like your profile here please kindly contact me through my email id ([email protected]) i will also send you my photos yours friend quee

Avatar a_si_es_mi_flow

A_si_es_mi_flow On 21/03/2013

action cool (Y)

Avatar 20syl

20syl On 09/01/2013


Avatar lizii_14_bebe

Lizii_14_bebe On 25/05/2009

hi my name is lizii
i am chilena
me agragas a f/f

y tu msn
te dejo el mio
solo tienes k decirme
k te deje el msn en el fotolog

kisiera konoserte


Avatar thecrimeinc

Thecrimeinc On 23/04/2009

ahreet pet how ya doing looks like you were taking it easy at the weekend eh ya artfag

hope to catchup soon m8 aint seen you or the simesta for yonkys like me ole pal
take it easy

Peace My Brother!

Avatar everingham

Everingham On 22/04/2009

ahhh you big puff.

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