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Es wird Zeit, dass ich wieder solche Fotos machen kann ... der Winter geht mir langsam auf den Keks...

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  • in_memoriam


    I work as a hospice nurse in San Francisco. My grandmother died July 4, 2003. It was a great comfort to post pictures just before and after her death. It was very healing for me. I want to offer this group site for those of us who have lost people close to us. Photos can be of anything that is meaningful to you, that you want to share with the viewers. Photos of the person young or old; objects of meaning; grave sites; or places that evoke the person you are mourning. I invite you to include a brief story or any meaningful information about the person.

  • norddeutschland


    Jede/r, die/der sich hier irgendwie einordnen kann und/oder angesprochen fühlt, soll posten.

    This is a fotolog for the North of Germany, about the North of Germany and it shows photos made by North Germans or people who like the North of Germany.

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