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vegetables(asparagus, carrot, potato) rolled with pork
scrambled egg with green chive
sugar pea
umeboshi(on the rice)

On June 21 2011 5596 Views

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Princessjohnsonu On 13/04/2016

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Avatar joyadu345

Joyadu345 On 30/06/2012

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Avatar vivaaaa

Vivaaaa On 08/05/2012

Oh! That's fantastic :D

Avatar whitejasmine09

Whitejasmine09 On 26/01/2012


Avatar clogit

Clogit On 04/01/2012


Avatar vivaaaa

Vivaaaa On 14/12/2011

Wow! It looks really tasty!

Avatar descene

Descene On 30/11/2011


Avatar obashop

Obashop On 20/10/2011

Tudo bom por aí?

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Avatar lady_pixelita

Lady_pixelita On 03/09/2011

That bento it´s visual poetry. Sure the same with the flavors. I love it!

Avatar koni_juanca

Koni_juanca On 03/09/2011

Hola me gusto tu flog, si me agregas cuando lo vea en quienes me tienen te agrego yo tambien

Avatar xsnfoniagridulcx

Xsnfoniagridulcx On 14/07/2011

Me encantó tu flog...



Avatar ex_rawwrxboy

Ex_rawwrxboy On 04/07/2011

Saluditos tem belas fotos (L)
Adicione-me aos teus Amigos / Favoritos, para qe estamos sempre em contato: $, se você me adicionar SEGIR arto esque passando por aqui: $
*-* Byeee

Avatar vanilla_zero

Vanilla_zero On 30/06/2011

yommy! :)

Avatar clogit

Clogit On 21/06/2011



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