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Hadas_y_poesia On 25/06/2014



To come to my door
an angel without warning.
I left it open
so he can get.

Where there was war before
Now there is only peace.
Although sometimes I do not understand
has shown me what love is.

A drying my sadness
to give way to happiness.
It has been sitting on my desk
feeding on sincerity.

This angel has come
to be an illusion.
For me it's a gift,
a blessing from God.

I offer my friendship to change
the angel do not deserve.
But if the destination has sent
I have no choice but to accept it.

If one day this
decides he must go.
I hope at least leave
etched in my joy.

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7luch0_gr7 On 23/06/2014

Nice foto n.n
Linda semana para vos :D
Un beso grande :)


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