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Texas Energy Exploration LLC - Exploration History

Since companies in the oil industry thought that these fresh water sands were just water bearing, they were drilled through and largely unrecognized in earlier years. Although several gas wells were completed in the 1980's within the confines of the recently discovered producing areas the oil was missed. The quality of potential production was not apparent until recently. Significant development of the shallow oil and gas delayed until the year 2000.

The oil and gas leases owned by Texas Energy Exploration, LLC have proven oil & gas reserves above 3,100 feet. Furthermore, these leases also cover sands in the Yegua, Cockfield and Wilcox, which may hold considerable potential. Therefore, the potential reservoirs, underneath the proven reserves above 3,100 ft., may prove to be the most valuable. The leases of Texas Energy Exploration, LLC may cover production from 1,100’-10,300’ that could produce income for the next 20-50 years.

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