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Texas Energy Exploration LLC: Brookshire Well locations


The Brookshire Dome Field is located in Austin and Waller Counties, Texas, 35 miles west of Houston on and surrounding the I-10 Freeway.

The Brookshire salt Dome is one of the largest salt domes located within the gulf coast region of Texas. The cap rock of the Brookshire Salt Dome is 3.5 miles by 4 miles and covers approximately 5,000 acres.

The acreage controlled by Texas Energy Exploration, LLC and the current production locations are south of IH-10 in the southeast and northeast quadrants which are the most productive area’s of the Dome. The terrain is flat to very gently rolling except where bisected by the Brazos River, and Bessie’s Creek. The lands are devoted principally to light agriculture and horse farms.


The Brookshire Dome is located within the Gulf Coast geological province, which extends 700 miles from the Rio Grande to Florida. Approximately 450 miles of the trend is within Texas. This is one of the most prolific oil and gas producing provinces in the world.

The Gulf Coast is a homocline with regional dip into the Gulf of Mexico. A thick sequence of Cenozoic sediments exceeding, in places, 20,000 feet were deposited across a flat coastal plain. Alternating transgressive and down warping resulted in a series of structurally and stratigraphically important seaward-marching continental/marine "hingeline" trends.

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