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 Flag CI Do not fall in love ~ ♡ Smilers ൠ, Región Metropolitana, Chile

∞ Be happy be you aw (¯`•._)✿ I walk in a bubble it is like to be in thousand feelings waiting * ▣▤▥▦▩ ▣▤▥▦▩ LOVES' NOT OBSESSED WITH MILEY SHE IS MI LIFE HA *---* LOVE'S SMILERS GIRLS :D We can be happy Do not hate to the world that he hates you :) " But I'm here to tell you, you're not gonna die, immediately.______" ❤DO NOT BE SO MOCKING THERE IS ALL KINDS OF LOVE WHEN YOU FEEL ☀ I LOVED - I LOVE BOY BUT THIS SO CLOSE BULLSHIT .... -sadness overcomes me, I can't stand this sadness ... miley 2011 & 2014 *-* cute dreams, ❤

Music : Fadom ziam larry & Niall be happy ... ♡♥♥♡, = Love Is equal bitch bitches -

Movie, TV Show, Book : Rey Leon , titanic, - ♥-- Programa favoritos todos los Canales menos disney channel 7u7 - programa favorito- etctv :) - los simpsons y fox- el señor de los anillos ... El niño que enloqueció de amor Machuca Pinocho ah bueno mis otras pelis son Harry potter & las requilias de la muerte :) & el caliz de fuego // 3msc :) crepúsculo aja. :) ♥ NArnia papelucho y chao *p*

Sports : no bullyng Nobody It is like your shu up

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