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◙ February 3rd. Layla’s book in progress.


I never thought about having a war while I was alive.
Well… There was a war while I was and am alive. But that’s another story. I don’t call ‘war’ to some country invading another one with the excuse that they are a dormant threat that could kill us anytime. I’m not that stupid nor that paranoid.
I know what’s wrong and what’s not, and I’m specialized in reading between the lines.
The USA-Irak war is just a confrontation of my own country against another one that wasn’t doing anything bad to us, it’s my own country taking lives and fighting for who has more power, it’s my own fucking country destroying cultures as it always was. Nothing could make me anymore sad than this. When I have to say I’m american, I swear I think it twice.
So, the point is that I don’t call a ‘war’ to us taking control of another country just because. They have nothing to fight against it, and they’re already lost.

But now, this? I read about this in books. This happened 80 years ago and it seemed like it wouldn’t happen ever again. I even was really passionate about the subject, the strategies, everything that was needed in such a huge killing and surviving game as it’s war. World Wide III, that’s in my mind a lot. That’s what I think is going to be written on books from now to a… hundred years in the future?
I hope I survive this, god (that mythical being I’m not familiar with, but I use him in my words) knows I’m doing my best to take care of my family in these particular times. It doesn’t seem so, but sometimes I’m really afraid of losing it everything, to wake up one day and realize everything around me is dead.
To wake up one day and realize my husband isn’t there sleeping with me because he’s fighting somewhere, cold and hungry and missing us.
I don’t want this. I’m the pacifist in all this thing, even being a huntress. Even if I killed men and tortured them; even if sometimes I just can explain it with my fists crushed into faces. I wouldn’t ever wanted this.
I’m praying everyday for all the lost souls out there and for us to really win this.


Note to self. Thinking about making a whole chapter of this, or more. Man, I need a pepsi.
Note 2: Yes, you're reading part of what I'm writing, sue me.
Josh, lots of love to you, really. You're the reason why I'm still here.


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