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Formerly using a Contaflex/Tessar 2.8/45mm and an Asahi Pentax ME I was completely happy with my Contax T VS Digital untill the release of the Leica D-Lux 5 and its fabulous lens & chip. Off-course I don't carry around my Leica every day. For daily assistance my iPhone 5s is a keen companion.

Music : Strictly in this order: Chopin, J.S. Bach, J. Haydn, Beethoven, Dimitri Shostakovich, Mahler, Mozart, Ravel, Saint-Saens, Sergei Prokovieff, Bob Dylan, Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, Bill Evans, Gerry Mulligan, John Coltane, Sonny Rollins, Rolling Stones, Frank Zappa, Beach Boys, Jacques Brel, Leo Ferré.

Movie, TV Show, Book : The Fifth Element, Satyricon, Le Samourai, Inspector Morse, A Touch of Frost

Sports : ACTIVE: indoor-rowing (Concept2), swimming. PASSIVE: hockey, road-athletics, soccer.

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