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You got to see it from end to end, as that is, in fact, the finished yarn. It's a bit more teal in this shot than it should be, but that's about what it looks like. Giving it to a friend.

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Avatar tocando_chasis

Tocando_chasis On 10/01/2011

Aca paso

Te pasas?

Que tengas un Hermoso Lunes



Avatar the_electroboy

The_electroboy On 10/01/2011

Avatar cin_rivadeneira

Cin_rivadeneira On 08/01/2011

Paso a saludarte!
Espero que andes de 1000!
Te invito a que visites, me sigas y VOTES:
** http://www.cistri.blogspot.com **
** http://www.cistri.blogspot.com **
T espero en posteo nuevoo...

Avatar olizsaruzs_m

Olizsaruzs_m On 07/01/2011

pazsa bby..!!! buena thoma...!!!

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