Avatar mewncariadaffydd

Happy New Year!

Which really should have gone up a couple of days ago, but there WAS spinning to do.

Don't worry, no extensive breakdown on the spinning. Just pointing it out. There was also a holiday party, getting an awesome assortment of Christmas gifts, and a decent amount of WoW.

...small break down of the spinning:

This one was woolen spun, which I discovered I really really liked! And it came out fluffy and soft and very pretty. Did three versions from this particular batt, discovered I actually really like spinning from batts now that I know how to prepare them into rolags, and did mostly Scotch tension last night in preparation for my travel wheel.

Also watched a series of hilarious reviews of movies. Very good, must find links at some point to share.

On January 03 2011 14 Views

Avatar maverickk_29

Maverickk_29 On 04/01/2011

hola como estas? aca me paso a decearte un exelente martes

pasala genial lo mejor para este 2011 pasate saludos


Avatar dieguiis_f

Dieguiis_f On 04/01/2011

You're a lovely person, Daniela

Avatar the_x_dopi

The_x_dopi On 03/01/2011

si kieres ff agrega avisa me veo y te agrego :B

Avatar t4yloraloloko

T4yloraloloko On 03/01/2011

ya dale mewncariadaffydd en ff agregame eso si po 77

Avatar goku_sayayn

Goku_sayayn On 03/01/2011

pasate ii dejame muchas firmas
cuidate besos:)
que andes bn

Avatar xik__nayiitaxx

Xik__nayiitaxx On 03/01/2011

ya t agrege q tal si tu haces lo mismo

Avatar pendejocannio

Pendejocannio On 03/01/2011


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