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3 ply!

Just one for today, mostly because this one took a LOT of work because this is a true 3-ply.

Unlike the chain plying from before, I had to spin up three bobbins worth of single before I even got to do this. It was a lot of work, and I'm not sure I balanced things right to make sure I can make the entire thing 3-ply (since one of the bobbins might run out), but I like the product. This particular combed top worked well since it was more mottled than variegated, after all.

I'm very happy with it as it came out rather consistent other than a spot here or there, though it has made me realize that I REALLY REALLY need a decent lazy kate. The one that came with my wheel is a bit... slapdash. The yarn spins off of it far too quickly and then it tangles and then I'm half fighting that and half spinning. Sadly enough, the best 'lazy kate' I found was an old jar used for dried fruit. THAT bobbin gave me no trouble at all. But I found one on Etsy I like that will more than likely get purchased outright tomorrow when I get paid.

Anyway, as soon as all the plying is done, I'll probably have a picture. And then I'm on to trying some merino, which I have thus far avoided as the stuff is SLIPPERY!

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Avatar dieguiis_f

Dieguiis_f On 01/01/2011

&#160 &#160 &#160 &#160 Feliz año nuevo, querida Dani!

Un beso enorme ♥ &#160 &#160 &#160 &#160

Avatar ubiqatewacha3

Ubiqatewacha3 On 31/12/2010

Regards daniela today last day of the year I wish you a very good beginning of 2011 and many peace that you fulfills everything what you wish and propose, a lot of happiness, I will write to you again already in 2011
Regards and happy new year

Avatar princessflogger

Princessflogger On 31/12/2010

danny i hope all your wishes come true for 2011 and you spend them with your family and friends too.I wish you the best.thanks for everything you done for me during this year and since i started in fotolog back in 2008.happy new year!
hugs and kisses ,sabry

Avatar arnol_101

Arnol_101 On 30/12/2010

ola soy nuevo en esto asi q casi no le se me gustaria yvarme bn
con vos
t dejo mi saludos
pasas x el mio xfis
te dejo mi placa
ok bye cuidat mucho

Avatar chico_kevicho

Chico_kevicho On 30/12/2010


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