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So I've had a couple of days off, and a spinning wheel. What else did you expect?

All of this was spun on the wheel, though as my wheel has all kinds of fun options etc, they've all been spun a little differently.

So, from the left first:

Baby Alpaca - spun woolen clockwise, with Scotch tension, finished with cold water. Came out about fingering weight and relatively even; nice twist, nice feel to it. Have to try more alpaca, since that's the only one.

BFL in blue, brown, cream, and pink 1 - spun worsted clockwise, with Scotch tension, then chainplied on the double drive system. It doesn't quite work the best for chain plying, but when it came down to it, I'm still not all that confident in fixing my Scotch tension for a decent uptake on plied yarns. It worked out pretty well, even if it was a little over-twisted.

BFL in blue, brown, cream, and pink 2 - spun worsted clockwise onto two different bobbins, then plied together. Came out very balanced, fluffier than expected, and kind of soft. I like it a lot but I did kind of screw up how I wound it onto the bobbin so I couldn't ply it all on that bobbin. But I like what came out; 2 ply is nothing to scoff at. Next is definitely 3-ply... once I clear off the other two bobbins with the remainders of this.

Red Orange Yellow Wool mix - a total mess, totally overtwisted. This was me learning the double drive system BADLY. Uuuugh, probably going to get tossed.

Red and Pink Perendale-Romney crossbreed - I was sent a ton of the stuff with my wheel, so I dyed up some of it to make it pretty. This was spun clockwise on the double drive, me starting to get it, very thick and chunky. Probably aran weight or so. I actually like the skein a decent amount even if the wool is rough as hell.

BFL in blue and beige - spun worsted clockwise on the Scotch tension, chainplied. This is the one where I discovered 2 things: 1, I really do like chainplying and 2. I really need to tension my lazy kate somehow. Like how it came out, though. Can't wait to use that yarn for something.

White Perendale-Romney - this was spun woolen clockwise, Scotch tension, a single and it was my first spun yarn. Like how it came out, finished well; actually a bit softer than the other one.

Purple and Blue South American Finewool - spun clockwise single on the double drive. WAY WAY WAY overtwisted, though the finishing seems to have produced a useable yarn that still has squiggles of twist all over the place. Not as much of a hot mess as the autumny wool, but definitely not my finest work. It is, however, relatively consistent so it has that going for it.

More to come! But yeah, this is the first two days worth of spinning. As you can see? It goes MUCH MUCH FASTER now than with the spindle.

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Avatar ubiqatewacha3

Ubiqatewacha3 On 29/12/2010

Very pretty image daniela, I hope that it walks well and that it has had a very pretty birthday and has been with the whole people who wants it, hope that beech does not do so much heat or not this one so weighed the day as here, tell you if queres that here in Argentine is hot, the Sun is tremendous but simultaneously it is beautiful, we enjoy the swimming pools to extract a bit the heat, I wait that estes well
It is absent little for new year and one comes another year

Regards and happiness:)

Avatar weasdelagato

Weasdelagato On 29/12/2010

Visita mi pagina amor OwO

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