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Weekends and knitting and visiting and EVIL EVIL BUSES

Done in a list because OMG too much stuff to report on:

1. Greyhound Bus company is not getting any more of my business. I had a terrible customer service experience last Friday and despite the fact that I'm going up and down pretty regularly, they've just lost me as a customer. Good job, folks. I hope you enjoy that forty bucks you swindled out of me since it's the last you're getting.

2. I finished my socks! Or rather, I finished the green socks that were the first pair I ever started and finished and they're being shipped off to my friend with smaller feet than mine today.

3. I got TARDIS yarn! Specifically from this lady (http://www.etsy.com/shop/Dyeingforewe) who gave me a FANTASTIC customer service experience and I will certainly be coming back for more when I have the monies. It makes me happy. It's gorgeous and squishy and there's plenty of yardage so I totally feel like I made the right choice in getting it. YAY YARN.

4. I've also got this really awesome Fleece Artist yarn that was incredibly reasonable price-wise. It's beautiful and the colors are gorgeous and the feel of the yarn is soft and smooth and as soon as I work through what I have I'll be going back for seconds.

5. Spent Friday and Saturday with the Richmond crowd, then headed to Charlottesville and spent the remainder of the time with my family and in seeing my friend, Sherri. Things were a little hurried, but I made dinner and provided ice cream and we watched Forever Knight and it was great like that. Then we drove up on Monday.

6. Tuesday, however, is when I got my copy of Persona 3 for PSP which is utterly fantastic, everything I liked about the PS2 game only BETTER, and I'm getting to play the game from the female perspective which is awesome! I also got my Junpei hat, which I forgot to wear to work today but suffice to say, I will not make this mistake tomorrow!

7. Working on another pair of socks, a pair that I randomly started out of boredom on the trip up from VA using some of the old Knit Picks I had a ball of. Since they're purple and blue, they're going to my sister when I'm done with them, I think, and considering I'm nearly done with the first one, that shouldn't take too long. I found I like doing most of the sock on 2s, though, since it goes faster ^_^

8. I found I like doing socks on 2s. I have a decent gauge, it goes faster... it's nice. However, I think I'm going to try at least one more sock on ones before I really make that decision. My speed seems to be pretty good either way so 1 or 2 isn't a HUGE change.

9. I got my blue yarn for doing my Electric Blue Angel socks! I really can't explain how excited I am about that project. I'm in the midst of reading Book 1 of the series I accidentally started in the middle and I'm loving it as much as the first (second) one. *hearts books* They've also inspired me to start working on my solo original book that I've been tinkering around with for ages.

10. Also got DOCTOR YARN (http://www.knitpicks.com/yarns/Felici_Self_Striping_Sock_Yarn__D5420165.html) [see the one on the right] and I just need to figure out what the heck I'm going to do with it.

11. *insert line from the Nostalgia Critic*The above picture! Is of the bag I got to work on my knitting projects. I've been... seriously in need of one for a while, since most of the ones I had previously (yay for gifts!) are currently occupied and most of them are just a touch big for stuffing in a purse or bag. This one has slightly wonky stitch work, apparently (I can't see it) so I got it for a good price and I really like the fabric. As you can see, I've already got my little blueviolet sock in there.

Anyway, I'm sure I'll think of more, but that's about it for now. Hope you had a lovely weekend and yay not too far until the next one.

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Ignaciomoreno On 07/07/2010

Nice picture

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Ivanmathias On 07/07/2010

Eiii ?

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