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More sockness

So my first sock was a bit of a bust. I made it too short. *lesigh*

So I started a toe up 'test' sock to figure out exactly how long I should make sure my foot section is.

It's being knit in 2s on yarn I never really thought I'd end up using but so far, so good. The 2s are giving me a reasonably good thick fabric and the sock is working up quickly. The toe was a little fudged since I hadn't done toe up for a long time but still functional and it went much faster than I'd thought it would. I'll be letting my friend Leigh Ann look it over this weekend to give me consensus on stuff, but so far, so good. Hopefully I'll have the sock done by the time I hit VA.

Then there's the question of whether I want to do a SECOND one, make a pair of quick short socks, so to speak, since I'll probably have about half the ball left of what I'm using not to mention a whole nother ball (though the yarn quality on that one has gone DOWN significantly since it was wound too tight). Dunno; might. This was so easy and quick it's kind of tempting. Socks have totally become more tempting.

In fact, I'm setting up for a very spiffy project I'm ridiculously excited about. You see, I picked up a book the other day on my ride to work and it turned out to be Very Very Good. Enjoyed it heartily. And one of the concepts was just so neat that I wanted to do something fannish with it.

Fannish + knitting = geeky knitting project. Then there was just finding the 1. right yarn and 2. right pattern. Since socks are just the right size for traveling and knitting and both are going to happen in decent quantities for the forseeable future (I have an hour of sitting on commute each morning and one in the evening, not to mention the trips down to VA to see people), it was going to be a sock pattern. ...also there's a psychotic number of sock patterns around and at reasonable prices so... why the heck not?

Then there was the yarn. I needed electric blue and a quick search on Etsy found me exactly what I needed for a pretty reasonable price. Also PRETTY PRETTY YARN. I'll share pictures, promise.

Now I just have to wait for the supplies to get here and the Electric Blue Angel socks will get off the ground ^_^

As for this weekend, I'm heading down to see folks in VA. Richmond group Fri/Sat, Sunday is the 4th of July with my family, and then Monday will more than likely involve seeing the Charlottesville gang. Very excited and all ^_^

Then come Tuesday when I get back? PERSONA 3 for PSP! And and and and... HAT! If you preordered, you get the nifty hat! And since I've wanted a hat for a long time, a nice baseball hat to put over my eyes while walking to and from work with the sunlight beating down on me, it made sense to preorder and get a free shiny awesome hat in the process. For those wondering, it's a recreation of Junpei's hat from the game. ...better than most sports teams, as far as I'm concerned.

And not much else to this post... hopefully I'll have a cooler post for you all next time!

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Avatar la_______dafne

La_______dafne On 22/07/2010

Acabo De Postiar No Me Ayudas Con 3 o 4 Firmitas ? e.e Nos Agregamos A Efes Avisame En Privado & Arreglamos Bien ;)
Juego 10x10 O Lo Qe Qiieras Empeza Qe Te siigo No Tengo Problema ♥

Avatar rockfused

Rockfused On 30/06/2010

e ae como ta essa quarta feira?

Avatar rockfused

Rockfused On 30/06/2010

OEeee passa no nosso?

Avatar adictaalglaamm

Adictaalglaamm On 30/06/2010

Unn BBesito que andes re bien

Avatar soyunikoparavs

Soyunikoparavs On 30/06/2010


Avatar rockfused

Rockfused On 30/06/2010

E aí como é que tá tudo numa nice? ^^

Avatar esbraian

Esbraian On 30/06/2010

10x10 te siguo dale? en privado o como quieras

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