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Busy weekend!

Mark came up Friday night to visit his dad, but managed to make a quick trip into the city on Saturday so we could spend some time together. We had a good meal, walked through the Union Square market, saw the A-Team, bobbled around the book store where I kept TERRORIZING him with Jane Eyre accidentally (there are an exceptional number of places that book is stashed, really), and then had to part ways. Good time, too short... must correct soon but haven't figured out WHEN.

The A-Team was actually very good, as far as I was concerned. The casting was spot on, it was a darn good time, and while there were yes, a lot of explosions and such, it was done in a way that was actually interesting. Even the villains were a lot of fun! I mean, it's not high art, but it's a really good time.

Warning: the theme WILL get stuck in your head forever, though.

Then I came home just in time to go to a concert with my family: Kansas, Styx, and Foreigner. Now, I'm going to be honest and say that I'm not exactly the most fanatical music person. I love music, listen to it constantly, yes, but I don't really pay a terrible lot of attention to who sings what or when. If I find a sound I like, I follow it and end up with a band I like but for a lot of songs, I just like the songs or the album or the music and throw it into the mix. So while the concert sounded really awesome because I knew they'd done some songs I like, I was really blown away with how many songs I was actually very familiar with.

Kansas got terribly cheated since most people were still looking for their seats and it wasn't even near dark when they were on. All the same, the music was good and they really TRIED. Mid-Kansas, we were escorted down to better seats since one of the seats in our block was broken and they couldn't get my uncle into anything near us.

So much better.

Styx was great, though I will say that some of their screen animations (what was on during their stage show) amused the hell out of me for being very... 1990s computer animation. The music was great, though, and it was obvious that the guys (especially the keyboard player) were having a blast. Seriously, he danced around at one point like, full bore jig. It was great. And the audience was totally into everything.

Foreigner was last and they were also really good. Most of their animations were great (though Jukebox Hero, oh those terrible blocky fake anime animations!) but what was really fun was that they were just SO HIGH ENERGY. Their lead singer was all over the stage, in the crowd, bouncing around, having a ball. These guys were all totally there, they were totally flying on the crowd's cheers... it was just a great environment.

Then there was Father's Day, which was a relatively low-key affair. We got food, we went to go see my grandpa, we chilled out. It was a good cool off day after the concert and everything.

Full weekend, though.

Started on a few new video games, so busy with that, and have to get back to my poor unloved sock! But that's for another day.

BTW, the picture above is from our improved seats, and that'd be Styx up there. Ah, how iPhone's make things so much easier.

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Originnal_chick On 22/06/2010

Buenas :D
Me Agregas a Tus Effes ??
Dale que sii :$
Un beso Cuidate ♥

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Nkkny1 On 21/06/2010

Nice! Looks like you had a great weekend :)

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Southpole_photos On 21/06/2010

Hi !

How Are you ? Espero que muy Bien !

Very Cool and Nice yout Pictures in you Fotolog ! =)

I would like to add us to friends / favorites, what you say?

I send a big greeting from Statio San Martin in the Antartida Argentina!

-Matias Terranova-

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