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Weekend Travels

So for this weekend I took a little trip.

My boyfriend lives down in Virginia which, for those not in the know about geography... is about six hours away from where I am. So it's a little rough.

That said, there are ways to get to and from. I took a bus down on Friday and I got there an hour early, actually, which was perfect. We then spent more hours than we should have chatting before falling asleep.

Saturday was full of cooking. It was Leigh Ann's birthday this weekend (yesterday, actually, but I can do weekends easier than weekdays) so we decided to make her pumpkin cupcakes. We also played with the breadmaker, and enjoyed the bagels I'd brought. He's from New Jersey so Real Live Actual Bagels are something he's actually experienced so I brought some down for him.

Later on, Leigh Ann and everyone else came over, there was the watching of X-Files, the examining of socks, the playing of card games, and a few other bits and bobbles. Good stuff, in general. I <3 my Leigh Ann.

Sunday involved delicious japanese curry with scallops... and the beginning of trouble.

You see, I had to be in Washington DC for my bus back at 5:30. It takes about an hour and a half to get to DC (approx) so we left a little before 3. *points up* And got stuck in THAT for two and a half hours. There were six different stalling points on the road that we saw (broken down car, accident, broken down car, police pull over, large sign, construction) and then there was the issue that people seem to have down there with the concept of MERGING. *facepalm* It was to the point where I wasn't going to make my bus so we turned around and resolved that I'd take a bus out of Richmond.

The only bus that had tickets and made any kind of sense (and had a chance of getting me home in time for work) was at 2:45 AM. So we went back, watched some One Piece, and had dinner. Soon enough, though, it was to the bus station.

And OMG the bus station.

Despite it being 2:20 at night, the place was PACKED. Not only was it packed, but it was in complete disarray. There were almost no staff that I could see, no one was ordering where to go or saying where different lines should stand, and several of the buses seemed to be late. I was, at that point, just about ready to flop over so staying awake and upright and standing was really really hard. My bus ended up being an hour late... very very annoying.

I was just about ready to pass out when I got in. And I tried! But I ended up sitting next to the Human Cat. And by that, I mean that like a cat on your bed, despite being a relatively small person... OMG he kept spreading out and shoving his legs into my space and waking me up. And he had the window, so he could at least lean against that but noooo. Human Cat.

So by the time I hit New York around 10? I was dead on my feet, brainless, and kind of ready to snap at people. I spent most of the day grumpy and half awake and went to bed pretty early.

All in all, not a bad time at all... but GAAAH!

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