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Achievement Unlocked: FIRST SOCK!

So I finished my first sock over the weekend.

I learned a few things while doing so, though. The first is that I have a VERY short heel and that the pattern, as written, makes the heel WAY too long.

The second is that I really really well and truly love the Russian grafting method even if it makes a visible seam. It's just tight and nice and quick and easy. I just have to make sure I use a large enough hook or it's irritating.

The third is that I really really want to make a THIRD sock so that I have a pair of socks in this yarn that are exactly as I want them to be. Because while I finished this, the too-long-heel makes it fit a little funny on the bottom and I want to be able to wear these. According to my friend, I should be able to manage a third sock since I made mine nice and short.

But I finished a sock! And it only took me a week! And I really really enjoyed it!

More as I work on the second sock to come... Also! Some spinning! Later in the week, though.

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Avatar braussie

Braussie On 07/06/2010

Glad to see your first baby :))
I just realised you may be Dannii , is that right?
Looking good there, and my fav colour as well

Avatar polestar

Polestar On 07/06/2010

Wow, congrats! It's very beautiful, I like its colour combination too!

Avatar el_braulio28

El_braulio28 On 07/06/2010


Avatar muusuuu

Muusuuu On 07/06/2010

Eii aka me pazoo ,, Suerte en todo
te espero x mi flog , Byee :)

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