Avatar beckbecky

Beckbecky On 01/06/2007

i saw your pic on the daily flog. really great. this one is nice too.

Avatar along

Along On 31/05/2007

hi meadows, you're on The Daily F'log today:<A HREF="http://blog.fotolog.com/2007/05/take-me-out" TARGET=_top>http://blog.fotolog.com/2007/05/take-me-out</A>Thanks!

Avatar claudia_madeley

Claudia_madeley On 05/02/2007

~~~~~~~~~.------,~___.~~~~~=\~~~\~|**.\~~~~~=\~~~\~| *~ \~~~~~=\~~~\~|***`-----------'------'---------------------------------,_.* PASE VOLANDO PARA SALUDARTE !!!!!!!!!!________\~ \ _/.____|_|___.------,__________|_|________).~~~~~~~~~~~/~~~/~~~~~~~~~~=/~~~/.~~~~~~~~~=/~~~/~~~~~~~~~=/~~~/~~~~~~~~~/------,

Avatar beebs

Beebs On 01/02/2007

just realized it's a canadian flag, too. beauty, eh.

Avatar beniking

Beniking On 01/02/2007

street art

Avatar iqq

Iqq On 01/02/2007


Avatar along

Along On 01/02/2007

the colors and lines remind me of philip guston. wouldn't it be cool of you could post pics in the comments?

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