Avatar mbayard

pinhole photo of "le Pont Jacques Cartier" bridge in Montreal, shot with a film canister, paper neg......

On September 11 2006 93 Views

Avatar pinholecamera47

Pinholecamera47 On 01/04/2007

This is such a great shot! Thanks for your inspiration Mickey!

Avatar elizalice

Elizalice On 25/09/2006

Thanks ! I can't wait to see your next pictures !

Avatar lag1

Lag1 On 15/09/2006

peasoo de fotolog!!

Avatar athletik_dede

Athletik_dede On 14/09/2006

relly relly cool

Avatar galitafl

Galitafl On 13/09/2006

wowwwwwwww perfect and extarnge shot!!! ))

Avatar salamaravillas

Salamaravillas On 13/09/2006

*Žš) ž.·Žž.·*Žš) ž.·*š) (ž.·` (ž.·` € * sala maravillas.·Žž.·*Žš) ž.·*š)

Avatar bynfotos

Bynfotos On 12/09/2006

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Avatar trauermusik

Trauermusik On 12/09/2006

i lovei love iti love itl.a.i.n

Avatar faiball

Faiball On 12/09/2006

very nice. i like images of pinhole "machines".

Avatar 15x15

15x15 On 12/09/2006

i love this onE!excelent

Avatar sadhu

Sadhu On 11/09/2006

wow.........that's a shot.....like i love!!

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