Avatar mbayard

amusement wheel shot with film canister, paper neg...

On June 29 2006 33 Views

Avatar davidbivins

Davidbivins On 19/01/2007

The light is fantastic.

Avatar ewah11

Ewah11 On 18/08/2006

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Avatar squaremeals

Squaremeals On 07/08/2006

this is a wonderful image - dreamy and nightmarish

Avatar jankapoor

Jankapoor On 18/07/2006

Hi Mickey--I've exchanged work with you during the pinhole new year's swaps; I love the atmospheric quality of these film canister images.

Avatar summerandjohn

Summerandjohn On 06/07/2006

vaporized into the night

Avatar k_jen

K_jen On 06/07/2006


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Mm On 03/07/2006

y eso que es'

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/fakieee On 01/07/2006

bem sinistraoo seu flogcurtii!salve.

Avatar subocular

Subocular On 01/07/2006


Avatar catobleppa

Catobleppa On 01/07/2006

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Avatar gavemylifeaway

Gavemylifeaway On 01/07/2006

very creepy..sorry if you don't understand my english but i'm not american...your pictures are fantastic..with a touch of mystery

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PinholeCamera47 On 01/07/2006

Nice shot Mickey! Very mysterious!

Avatar n_a_t_u_r_a_l_z

N_a_t_u_r_a_l_z On 29/06/2006

its fun

Avatar oriol_stardust

Oriol_stardust On 29/06/2006

Cool pic !!! :-)

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