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Torta Sanduíche de Cachorro Quente

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On April 20 2008 2187 Views

Avatar carminha_40

Carminha_40 On 22/05/2011

hum delicia!
bom domingo...

Avatar drikatouroficial

Drikatouroficial On 13/11/2010


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Avatar carminha_40

Carminha_40 On 01/11/2010

Vou t add..


Avatar madame_s

Madame_s On 03/08/2010

Nice picture!!!! This fotolog its greate!
Im studying International Gastronomy so i hope
that we can share some receipes
see ya!!!
bye 3

Avatar volupiaamesa

Volupiaamesa On 11/12/2009

Some people feel a smell that "appears in the air", others have a "vision" or a memory that comes to mind. And in others, the aura is a ... orgasm!
Good!, Taking with him the aura orgasmic (ooooooooh. ..).
The food has that power ??????????

excellent blog, very educational ....
gives a look at my blog ...... cheers.
**************************wonderful blog*********************

Avatar videlathena

Videlathena On 23/08/2009

hola me encanto tu fotolog !!!

lo agrego a f/f de inmediato..

un saludo !!

atte Raquel

Avatar cheke_elizondo

Cheke_elizondo On 16/09/2008

chido tus
yo acabo de entrar
a una escuela
para ser cheff
espero i aprender muchoo
ahi me da unos



Avatar demonio_urbano

Demonio_urbano On 30/06/2008

oi..tudo bem?

Avatar alvito

Alvito On 28/06/2008

NOOOOOSSAAAAA.. aguei aqui!!!!


Avatar soloparami_2008

Soloparami_2008 On 20/06/2008

wena wena
reetas muy rikooooooooooooooooooo

se keres me agregas yap
soy de chile

[email protected]

aioz buena idea la tuya

Avatar bertilicia

Bertilicia On 14/06/2008

Torta de sanduíche rullez!!!!!

Avatar morochopornstar

Morochopornstar On 28/05/2008

eaa hola kmo va?,che effeamos?avisame si?cuando puedas pasate,beso te espero\"

Avatar morochopornstar

Morochopornstar On 28/05/2008

eaa hola kmo va?,che effeamos?avisame si?cuando puedas pasate,beso te espero\"

Avatar mente_n_blanko

Mente_n_blanko On 27/05/2008

Hola pasaba a saludar ^^
Me haces un favor?
si tienes tiempo podrias pasar por mi
space y escuchar mi musica?
apoyando al exponente chileno!!


Avatar fabiocdias

Fabiocdias On 27/05/2008

seus pratos são maravilhosos!
ta add

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