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Willie-B, Homeless Vet

This is a photo I took some months ago but jus haven’t been able to post before. I have been leaving some images up for longer that I’d like in the hope that the exposure might find families or loved ones that the longer exposure might have.
\tWillie-B is a fifty-two year old Vietnam Veteran, who had been on the street in Philadelphia for eighteen months when this photo was taken. He was with the 101 Airborne Vietnam bring body bags home. He said to me when I asked him what he might want to say, “I live the truth, I lived it!” This photo was taken in a park in Philadelphia. I don’t recall what the monument was”

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Avatar rumbler

Rumbler On 07/05/2009

you make a grand admiring job

Avatar mauri_rdz3

Mauri_rdz3 On 18/04/2009

que onda que asindo

Avatar eii_paaulee

Eii_paaulee On 29/03/2009


Avatar xmaqitta

Xmaqitta On 23/02/2009

Oyeoye :$ agregame a tus ff *.*? ya po di qe si :x no seai egoista u.u si no cuesta nada 88 me avisai & hago lo mismo po :D !
oye jugemos 5x5 *-* ? avisame juro qe no cago :* bsts (:

Avatar las_ale__konyz

Las_ale__konyz On 23/02/2009


Avatar limpiameelamessa

Limpiameelamessa On 22/02/2009


Avatar gonzalomechasco

Gonzalomechasco On 22/02/2009

ey vos negr de la villa levantate de esa silla vos negro de mierda.

Avatar toda_mii_omdaah

Toda_mii_omdaah On 21/02/2009

hola me re paso



100% sho

***/lujy/*** forever...

Avatar bebeheizenreder

Bebeheizenreder On 21/02/2009

un beso, buena fto

Avatar adiqtaalfluoor

Adiqtaalfluoor On 21/02/2009



Avatar ezze_kokexmon

Ezze_kokexmon On 17/02/2009

oie no me vi en tus f/f
avisame cuando me tengas
pa no sakarte

Avatar soyjony

Soyjony On 17/02/2009

eaaaa (y)

Avatar danncebitch

Danncebitch On 17/02/2009

paso q andes bien pasate plis .¬¬ bechossss

Avatar pipewill_x

Pipewill_x On 17/02/2009

Buena foto cuidate =)

Avatar popipavo_oe

Popipavo_oe On 17/02/2009

Agregame a EFE"S
Te Agrego por los Revers :)
no me falles qe no estafo ¬¬
O Devuelve el post minimo, saludos.
Espero me allas agregago para hacer lo mismo :)



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