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Need money for tuition

“Merritt” Homeless, Near New York University, NYC.
This was the second time I met Merritt. Merritt had a cup and sign set out on the sidewalk that he used for his variation on panhandling. The sign said, “Need money for tuition.” There are many variations on this strategy for connecting with potential donors. He was right near New York University and he had a vast student body walking by him all day. I wonder if he was at one time a student, but I never did find out? He had a book on philosophy with him that he was reading. The other time I saw him his sign read, “Sith Lord Killed Family, Need Money for Light Saber,” A reference to Star Wars, again popular with the college crowd. Must have learned in Panhandling 101, that a little humor can do wonders for the bottom line.

******"Aviso aos amigos brasileiros ou que falam português: por favor, não utilizem o meu fotolog como um local para anúncios pessoais. Comente aqui apenas se for falar sobre as minhas fotos. Obrigado."

*****"Message for the brazillian or portuguese-speaking friends: please, don't use my fotolog as a place for personal advertising. Comment here only if you plan on talking about my pictures. Thanks."

A link to NPR (National Public Radio) for a story about my work.
“All Things Considered”
<A HREF="http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=4123582" TARGET=_top>http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=4123582</A>
You can hear an audio recording of the piece there as well.

You might want to look at my other logs: <A HREF="http://www.flickr.com/photos/mashuga/" TARGET=_top>http://www.flickr.com/photos/mashuga/</A> or
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Avatar alisa_owns_you

Alisa_owns_you On 24/10/2008

“Sith Lord Killed Family, Need Money for Light Saber,” ha,ha,ha.
Amazinf work,congratulation!

Avatar beautyflowerpoem

Beautyflowerpoem On 19/03/2008

sent a few e-mails- new work..I hope we can talk in person sometime.

Avatar italianoadoravel

Italianoadoravel On 18/03/2008

You have a stunning portfolio, no doubt you are a first-class fotologger!

Avatar jessy_sexy_17

Jessy_sexy_17 On 18/03/2008

holasss me pasabaa,

muii bueno tu floggg

no usas http://www.pormensaje.com/ ?? es un sitio que se integra con fotolog.com. La idea es mandar mensajes contando qué estás haciendo, y cada vez que subis una fotis a tu flog nueva todos la ven para q te firmen y te agreguen a FFs !!

Además sortean un fotolog Gold por mes =)

si te registras agregame!!

bueno besossss!

Avatar saratucuerposara

Saratucuerposara On 17/03/2008

pase chabon
m hacen llorar tus historias
directo a effes


Avatar kibbutz_alz

Kibbutz_alz On 17/03/2008

Del otro lado de los rostros que tomas se percibe la larga historia que existe en cada uno de ellos...

saludos!. Laura.

Avatar somonte

Somonte On 16/03/2008


Avatar mycomand

Mycomand On 16/03/2008

congratulations for your work.

Avatar evertrip

Evertrip On 13/03/2008

ItŽs been a long time I did not visit your pages ... always great stories to share ... You have a wonderful work here ... I like the way you comment about these peopleŽs story.

parabéns !


Avatar ciudadana_x

Ciudadana_x On 13/03/2008

your work is the best I ever seen in fotolog...I'm from Spain and some Summer I work in dining room for homeless.
I listen stories like these too.
go on with your work guy!!

peace ~

Avatar beautyflowerpoem

Beautyflowerpoem On 12/03/2008

I tried sending you an e-mail.
It was sent back. I will try again later.

Avatar neckoescalante

Neckoescalante On 12/03/2008

saludos de un argentino que te sigue en cada foto ,
muy copado

Avatar lobo_estepario77

Lobo_estepario77 On 12/03/2008

Saludos desde Argentina

Avatar crauto

Crauto On 12/03/2008

I went through your allery from the first shot, your photography is amazing. you're kind of a katching the soul of all this people... really love it.

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