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Flash Flooding Begins to Crowd Paul Cézanne

A rain storm surprises a crowd, pushes them indoors and they end up spending more time looking at cracks in the ceiling and flirting with the maid in the next apartment than talking of staging creative works.
Yeah, we were all more ingenious before flooding in the Midwest became common. Like the reason we have never gone back to the moon, a rain storm surprises me, surprises you. It’s like a jungle out there.
A gully washer taken at the flood goes on to fortune. Yes. A flood of color, of emotion. A flood of troubles, a river of time. Cylinders of soidity, paragons of virtue! As in all the thrills of an impending snowstorm/ the reflections in water are violently palpable, but, but why would Cézanne choose to introduce cubistic malleability into such a raging torrent?

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