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Three, Silent, in a Gallery

Tone of art's accent enlightens. Conveys.

Sed metuo. Vestibulum semper silentium...

Our lips meet in a duality of souls bathed in pride and mountain and fire.
For the sake of passion whose measure we conjure, I pray thee revere the feelings that have awakened.
Those things called ardor, sanctuary, and honor-- reciprocals of the focal length of rose lens, thus expressed in meters.

If you are drawn to this concord, its reverberations may well whirl you inside a reverie of train whistles moaning long and clear through the wee small hours. Down by law and white as rain.

In that serenity... in that serenity.

Art gallery serenity ardor semper silentium.

On May 30 2014 at Covasna, Romania 409 Views


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