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Il n'est pas lié à un geste

Waves. Contraste. Il n'est pas lié à un geste.
A building gone forever. Words and music. It is the beginning of a longer story.
It is the beginning of all things. And then there's an infiniti of vice and vera and wonder.
If life's not worth living, It may be the narrator.

In 2013. The last leaf ginkos and graffiti were aloft and yet, somehow,
grounded in those days, but
they were in the way, they were ready to harvest.
Waves. Contrast. For every movement is not bound
unto/into phasi petite verses. Not. At. All.

ginkos and graffiti A building gone Waves contrast every picture gone to glory

On May 29 2016 at Riga, R?ga, Latvia 120 Views


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    "Echolalia" is an interactive installation based on images, sound and expressive typography.

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