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Luciano Berio Long Before Flares and Violet Rituals

Palm logs leap, BAM! into rotations of glossiy lakes. like statuary bent on loud, and splashy, suicide. Watch it now, watch it!

Onegin is a fruit from the same stem. Probably rigged very like the foam that envelops sand, black rocks-- even the life-giving sun. Concentrically. Yeah-- cue the beginning to Ring of Fire.

For November and January, the only hope for survival is total transformation into the seemingly amphibian Norse book of Days. Flares and paranormal segmenting violets ritually. Sand becomes silican. Bells ring, Lester bangs. Phil Lesh studies with Luciano Berio deep into the twilight of the golden age of petroleum. And, it is/was good.

Love/ is a losing game, know I'm sayin'? Agh! Like the peevish are sometimes tolerable, and forests primeval. Grrrr. Will probably be like the lost grove of sky pilots haunting most of Indiana. Wails echo. A canopy sways.Yeah, yeah. So where/ have all the Orionids gone?

Luciano Berio Violet Norse Book of Days Orionids Twilight of the age of Oil

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