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Sunrise Suggests an Indistinct, More Rhonial Cameron Street

Behind, beyond the symbology of headlines. Formations which suggest golden fields and sparkle are best viewed across sierras of time. Like music. Or a portrait of Madame X.
It is the very business of art to create order, the end of myriads, gonads, and blue-suede shoes. Azure be damned!
Purple lupin, sun rays, the very thought of you. I mean, one simple hint/ of intonation/ changes the picture. Then pixels-- unleashed, though bourne on gentle overtones/ flow easily to other planets.
Think about it. Sun rose, baby, sun rose.

Finally, the obelus (÷) was first used as a division symbol by Johann Rahn (or Rhonius)
(1622-1676) in 1659 in Teutsche Algebra (Cajori vol. 2, page 211). obelus: a mark (- or ÷)
primarily used in ancient manuscripts to indicate questionable passages or readings. Yikes.

almost indistinct to overtones rhombic glow Sun rays Teutsche Algebra

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