Avatar kts_batz_oik

Kts_batz_oik On 07/09/2016

Nice photo:-)

Avatar girldoo

Girldoo On 11/12/2013

poxa tu sumioo menina... como que andas ascoisas ?
adorei a fotinha.. bjinhos.

Avatar algemadas

Algemadas On 24/10/2012


Avatar 7mc

7mc On 29/04/2012


Avatar success22

Success22 On 21/03/2012

Hello my Dear,

my name is success, how are you today? i came on line to look for a true
and loving friend I was impress when i saw your
profile, at (fotolog.com) and i decided to write you immediately. i will like you to reply me on my yahoo id ([email protected] ) for more detail I
will send you my picture and also introduce my self more. Looking forward to hear from you soon, have a nice day

best regards

Avatar mill_queen

Mill_queen On 30/01/2012


ótima semana para você querida !

obrigada *--*.
beijos felpudinha :*).

Avatar purilove

Purilove On 27/01/2012

Para de me seduzi

Avatar morganatrevys

Morganatrevys On 27/01/2012

sexy ^^

Avatar nyninhaa

Nyninhaa On 27/01/2012


Avatar mill_queen

Mill_queen On 27/01/2012

gostei da foto *-*
beijos felpudinha :*)

Avatar johncolvin

Johncolvin On 27/01/2012


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