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Too much time for me without knowing about you!! My dear turronas!!!! Don't do this to me again!!!
After that wonderful weekend in Madrid I've missed you so much!!!!!!! I can't live without you!!!

You will probably know that I'm going to be father again :(
It was not the original plan, you know, the original plan was to leave that orange-haired arpía and share my cuerno with the universe..... but..... I felt so lonely without you..... that she took advantage of that sadness and lied to me....

I didn't want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :_(

Now it's to late for sorrows but something has make me happy again!
I've heard that you're going to visit me in london!!!!!!!!!!!!!! great!!!!!!!!!
I can't wait to see you all!!! I will miss ro and mapi specially ( babes, next time you have to come or I'll go to collect you XDD) but we will have a great time together!!!!!!

Now I have to go.... this demon panojil is calling me!!! uffff shut up golfa!!! but I'm waiting for you in 15 days....

kisses and god bless you all!!!!!!!! turronas power!!!

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Avatar charytt

Charytt On 08/01/2009

Mark cari!! ya es hora de actualizar!!! jejeej


Avatar angelpecador1023

Angelpecador1023 On 05/08/2008

hi visit myspace


site of take that and robbie williams argentina fans

Avatar mayte_fallereta

Mayte_fallereta On 04/08/2008

Hi babe.

Than you for coment in my flog. You are very very pretty.
See you next time, I'm really really sorry.

One thousand kisses little Markie.

I love you.

Avatar fesmaldat

Fesmaldat On 31/07/2008

hi again Markie!!!

thank you for your comment in my flog is always nice to have news from you
we will be with you in just a few days so be prepared for the big party and so many other things, you know

you have to be with us at the Thames cruise, you already know why....

see you soon darling!!


Avatar gaz_barlow

Gaz_barlow On 31/07/2008

Hello Markie
This fotolog is even of the Mark Owen, the one that is singer of the most spectacular band of the World. It is dificil of believe! But will go just as well. the Gary also has a? It was pretty everybody will have a. Already now, the Howard also is going to be a father? I been happy by you will have another son. You should appear more times in the fotolog. Could come to Portugal, here also there are many fans...

Kisses Takie

Avatar antaresu

Antaresu On 30/07/2008

oh my god!
you're alive!

so great to see you again writing in your fotolog!

Yes! "turronas on tour" will visit london next month.
Tickets available from 1 August!hahahaha

we tought that spain is so boring and we decided to meet in UK! with a pair of eggs! xDDDDD

please mark! leave the fucking panoja!
we have a plan....but it's a surprise....I only beg you one thing....you have to come with us in our Thames Cruise.....

see you in 15 days!
we love U!
God bless U

Avatar charytt

Charytt On 30/07/2008

Hello Mark, my love!!

Ya sabes de mis problem con el ingles asi q... llama al traductor!!jejejej
No estes triste q en 15 dias estamos ahi!!! ve haciendo hueco en la agenda q nos tienes q enseñar TODO..Londres!!jejeejj
Vendras a ver a Gaz verdad??


Avatar judiki

Judiki On 30/07/2008

hi mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

great to read you again!!!
We have also missed you a lot!!! too much time as you've said!!!

Yes, we're going to visit you next month!!! Only 15 days separate us from you!!!
It's going to be great!!!!

Please. leave her!! Leave that disgusting panojeishion ! We will take care of the children!! Elwood deserves a good mother and not a puñao de pelos estropajaos !!!!!!

See you soon!
Love ya

God bless you forever

Avatar takethatforever

Takethatforever On 30/07/2008

Oh my god! Mister Mark Owen writing in my fotolog.. I don't believe it! (O lo que es lo mismo no me lo puedo de creer!!) jajaja

Mark please!! Forget panojeishion and come to Spain with me and the turronas

We love you Mark! God bless you!

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