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A dream you dream is only a dream.
A dream you dream with someone is a reality.

-Jhon Lennon.

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female - 16/01/1994 (24 years old)
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Tarragona, Madrid, Spain

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    Si ets de Tarragona i el que vols es buscar gent d'on vius, entra, puja la teva foto o la d'un paisatge de Tarragona i espera respostes! Gràcies :)

    Si eres de Tarragona y lo que quieres es buscar gente de donde vives, entra, sube tu foto o la de un paisaje de Tarragona y espera respuestas! Gracias :)

    If you are from Tarragona and what you want it is people search wherefrom you live, enters, raises your photo or that of a landscape of Tarragona and waits for answers! Thank you:)

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