Avatar wies

Wies On 13/04/2014

Hello Margit, how are you.
Beautiful picture.

Avatar elkstar

Elkstar On 28/11/2013


Avatar gertrudsdottir

gertrudsdottir On 29/11/2013


Avatar margitsfocus

margitsfocus On 30/11/2013

you would find me up there every day now...

Avatar hsjrsafety

Hsjrsafety On 27/11/2013

Margit, wow, this is a fabulous phto, but of course!

No snow here in the NE USA, but it has been raining for three days now, and is cold, and I dislike it enormously! But nonetheless we don't have any hurricanes or other severe weather in this region.

I hope all is well with you my friend.
Best regards to you.

Avatar hall2002

Hall2002 On 27/11/2013

Très joli !

Ici aussi, on vient d'avoir un mélange de précipitation !

Neige, puis neige mouillée, pluie et neige encore, finalement !

Avatar mrsun_anyway

Mrsun_anyway On 27/11/2013

Charming. here the snow comes and goes.

Avatar meneer_hoeba

Meneer_hoeba On 27/11/2013

Poohpooh snow already, fortunately we are still snow free!

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